Health Screening

At The London General Practice we offer a comprehensive range of screening programmes. Annual Health Checks are vital in identifying early signs of disease or other health issues, enabling early intervention and potentially improving the quality of your life.

As the premium private London doctors clinic, we have partnered with world class laboratories, diagnostic and scanning providers ensuring high quality fast results. Our Doctors have strong relationships with the best medical Consultants in every field and work closely with them to ensure our patients get the very best care and medical service.

Health Screening

Our Advanced Health Screen is our premium screening service. Following a 90 minute in clinic examination and extensive blood and urine tests your Doctor will discuss and recommend further diagnostic tests and screening.

Your Doctor will also work carefully with you to ensure the tests you receive are thorough, appropriate and reflect your examination and any concerns you have.

Our medical concierge team will carefully plan your appointments to make best use of your time. On the day of your diagnostic tests you will be provided with a chaperone who will escort you throughout the day. You will also be provided with meals or light snacks according to your schedule.

A comprehensive report will be produced and discussed with you along with recommendations for any future care.

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Health Plus

The Essential Health Plus service is a comprehensive screening service designed to meet your specific needs.

Your initial appointment will include a half hour with the Practice Nurse who will do a thorough series of blood and urine tests.

Following your tests, your doctor will undertake a thorough physical examination and talk through your medical history and that of your family.

Once all the test results are available, you will receive a comprehensive report giving you a clear understanding of your current health, as well as advice and guidance on how to maintain your health and wellbeing.

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The Health Check assessment offers a comprehensive, non-invasive medical examination which will give you an overview of your current health and wellbeing.

The appointment is half an hour, ensuring there is ample opportunity for a thorough examination as well as affording you the opportunity to discuss any health concerns you may have with your Doctor.

Should you need to have further tests, or diagnosis, a future appointment could be arranged where your Doctor will then develop a bespoke package around your own health needs.

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Our location on Harley Street allows us to partner with leading Consultants, laboratories and gives us access to the world’s best diagnostic equipment.

Our screening uses up to date evidence based pathways and allows your Doctor to create a bespoke package developed around your individual needs.

During your consultation one of our Doctors will develop this for you based on your family history, health concerns and initial blood results.

You can choose from a standard screen for overall health or a more targeted option for specific concerns, but in all cases our Doctor will guide you through the decision making, and if you have a specific concern this will be answered for you

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The London General Practice offers a number of screening services. To find out more about all screening services available at The London General Practice click below.

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