"Not only WOULD I recommend LGP to other people, I HAVE recommended LGP, specifically Dr. Mehta and his staff, to my colleagues and friends. In addition to Dr. Mehta himself, my respect for LGP extends to his PA Hannah, as well as to other staff members, such as Lucy, all of whom go to lengths to make my family and I feel comfortable and welcome. Please continue the good work and feel free to contact me in the event of questions or more in depth feedback, which I would be happy to provide, both verbally or in writing.”

A Private Patient

"Dear Dr. Ettlinger, Just a quick note to say how grateful I was to the doctor, who I understand was Dr. Jaber, for his thoughtful help for my daughter on Saturday. As ever I am grateful to you for everything at the Practice. With my best wishes"

M – A Private Patient

"Dear Paul, Just a weekend hug from the entire family - especially my N, who felt that finally someone ‘got her’ and could help her.No big enough words... I’ll see you soon too"

L – A Private Patient

"It is clear to us that Dr. Mehta is a part of a team. His PA, Ms. Chesham, is unfailingly polite, efficient, and accessible under all circumstances. We could not ask for better medical providers and are grateful to have access to such world class professionals."


"I must say I am so impressed with the service, facilities and the people you have at your practice I will certainly be recommending you to some of my aviation colleagues"


"Thank you for saving my father, thank you for saving us. Nothing I could ever say or give could ever repay you for everything you have done. You are so cherished by us and will always have a special place in our hearts! I wish you all the best and hope your days are filled with love and light."


"...We have only you to thank for the healthy years you gave him and for taking such good care of him for more than 20 years. I will have so many memories of our visits to see you and of you for being his witness at our wedding. Like him, you too are a one in a million doctor and we thank you and salute you for giving him a quality of life pretty much to the end."

P & Z

"Thank you for your amazing service and partnership with us... Great working with you and the LGP team!"

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

"Thank you helping with the girls’ Covid tests. It has been such a great experience working with you and your clinic. They managed to get back to school in time yesterday, what a relief"


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