CAA aviation medicals

Led by Dr Sam Bennett, The London General Practice provides the following Medicals:

EASA Class 2
initial & renewal

EASA Casework


Cabin Crew Medical

For your Medical you will need to bring:

  • Photographic ID (Passport or DVLA photocard driving licence) is required for ALL medicals.
  • Pilots licence and a record of the number of hours flown.
  • A list of any medication.
  • Spectacles and contact lenses if worn.
  • Any documentation regarding ongoing medical conditions.

If possible please fill out the following form prior to your visit, Med 160

If this is your first medical please take the following form to an optician for an eye test, Med 162 and bring it along with you.

The charge for a medical is £220.00

Extra (chargeable tests) for non cabin crew medicals are:
ECG first exam if you are over 40 then every two years over 50. Audiogram only for instrument pilots.

NB Class 2 Certificate holders who have a decrease in medical fitness now inform their AME rather than the CAA after grounding themselves.

To be re-certified you need to book in for ‘Casework’ with your AME. This is a separate charge at a half hourly rate.

You can download the quick guide of recent EASA changes here.

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