Occupational health


Our doctors have considerable experience working for a number of large, prestigious organisations with operations throughout the world.

Our flexible and tailored approach ensures that we can meet the specific requirements for your business. This scope of work specialises in preventative health care, screening for company employees and occupational health and takes into account the specific industry you are in. We specialise in providing bespoke medical services to the entertainment industry, providing support to leading insurers, concert promoters and production companies as well as maximising health and wellness amongst the entertainment industry community.


    Prevention, Education and Communication are key to the services our business offers its many corporate clients. Medical screening and consultations are tailored for each individual company and takes into consideration the demands and stress associated with busy working lifestyle. Work related stress has reached a record high in the UK, with 13.4 million lost days a year attributed to pressures of work. Health and Safety Executive figures released earlier this year show that stress has replaced backache as the biggest cause of absenteeism. Our approach benefits not only the employee, but also the employer. All medical services accessible for the individual are also available to corporations.

      Corporate healthcare services offered by our medical team

      • Services for the film and TV industry
      • Corporate healthcare for music and the performing arts
      • Insurance loss adjusting
      • Staff health & wellbeing
      • Occupational health services
      • 24 hour on-call medical services for hotel guests
      • Health support for hotel staff
      • Essential healthcare support for embassies
        and international patients

      Further Information

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