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Menopause and anxiety

Menopause and anxiety Woman & Home May 2022 GP Dr Angela Rai discusses the link between menopause and stress. Hormone changes such as a drop in estrogen can cause poor sleep, hot flushes and other issues that impact our health and well being. This can cause or...

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Measles Signs and Symptoms

Measles Signs and Symptoms Express May 2022 With a world increase in Measles Doctor Stuart Sanders, Private GP at the London General Practice, discusses some of the signs to look out for in children. General symptoms include raised temperature, sore throat and a flat...

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Wellness Over 50

Wellness Over 50Life Magazines May 2022Dr Catrin Bevan, Private GP at The London General Practice discusses the importance of health screening as we get older. People in their 30s- 50s tend to be running around between work, home and family, leaving less time for...

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Recognising a stroke

Recognising a strokeLife Magazines May 2022Dr Angela Rai, Private GP at The London General Practice discusses what to look out for if you are having a stroke.  Recognising the signs of stroke varies from person to person however most symptoms fall into the F.A.S.T....

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Summer health

Summer Health tips and Advice The Sun May 2022 Dr Stuart Sanders, GP at The London General Practice, discusses how to deal with bites and stings during the summer months. Whether home or abroad find out how you can avoid insect bites and stings as well as how to...

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What is the Impact if some of a Population are Not Being Vaccinated on those Who are Vaccinated i.e. The Impact of Population Mixing Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Subpopulations on Infectious Disease Dynamics?

An interesting article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal by Fisman and others dated 25th April 2022 answers this question. The speed of vaccine development has been a singular achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic, although uptake has not been...

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Key allergy signs in babies

Key allergy signs in babies Daily Record May 2022 Dr Sanjay Mehta, GP at The London General Practice discusses some of the key signs of allergies in babies. He explains that allergies in babies and infants can often be difficult to identify, especially in younger...

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Investigating the Psychiatric Sequelae of COVID-19

An insight article published in The Lancet psychiatry in May 2022 by Paul Harrison, Professor of Psychiatry at Oxford University and Associate Head of Research, The Chair of Oxford Neuroscience Committee analyses this. The first analysis published in The Lancet...

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Does Running Faster Defy the Body’s Natural Biology?

An interesting article published in Current Biology by Selinger and others on 28th April 2022 looks at this issue. They found that free living runners prefer a particular speed, largely independent of distance. They found that free living runners preferred speeds...

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