Our combined Healthy Mind Healthy Body Assessment is specifically designed to consider both your general wellbeing, as well as a mind assessment focused on detecting early signs of cognitive impairment or memory issues.

The package responds to the knowledge that early diagnosis, and access to the best treatments for memory and other cognitive symptoms, improves outcomes with current evidence showing that at least 30% of dementia in the UK is the result of modifiable risk factors.
Health factors which can affect cognitive performance include – blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, and can be modified by changes to:

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Mood, anxiety, sleep
This combined assessment is suitable for anyone who has concerns about their memory as well as their general health. it is particularly suitable for:

  • Anyone experiencing significant  memory difficulties and who  wishes to understand the  reasons for this
  • Anyone seeking to check their  current health status, or get  advice regarding a general  issue with their health

The Package Comprises

A 30 minute clinical examination to determine your general health and fitness:

  • Assessing your BMI and body fat percentage, determining  your ideal weight
  • Visual acuity and colour blindness test
  • Audiology hearing test function
  • Spirometry to assess how well your lungs are working
  • A wide screen blood profile laboratory test assessing the  overall function of the body organs, including liver and  kidney function and full blood count, as well as many other  factors
  • Laboratory test for vitamin deficiencies such as B12, folate,  iron and Vitamin D which play a vital part in overall health  and wellbeing
  • Tests for thyroid deficiency which can result in numerous  issues effecting the bodies metabolism including anxiety,  weight loss, weight gain, tiredness or depression
  • Urinalysis checking for 10 parameters, including signs of  infection, kidney disease, PH and signs of diabetes. MSU  laboratory analysis of urine sample to diagnosis for specific  urinary tract infections
  • Diabetic profile to check for type 1 and 2 diabetes,  measuring glucose HbA1 levels
  • A discrete sexual health profile through blood testing  (optional)

A 60 minute medical consultation with a Doctor, covering:

  • Your own medical history and background, family medical  history, social history, occupational history and lifestyle in  order to determine any hereditary, social or work related  factors which may influence your health
  • Detailed examination by the Doctor including the heart,  lungs, abdomen, central nervous system, skin, ear, nose and  throat, pulse rate and blood pressure at rest. We provide  you plenty of time to ask questions or discuss any particular  concerns or issues
  • A review of your health questionnaires and a review of the  initial findings from the clinical examination

An MRI brain scan:

  • Using MRI technology to measure brain activity by monitoring blood flow in the brain. The scan can also be used to determine the effects of a stroke, head or brain injury, or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s

A consultation with a memory specialist including:

  • An interview and examination by a recognised cognitive  expert who will review the results of your MRI, blood tests and questionnaires, to identify possible causes of memory difficulties.
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Brain lifestyle assessment with tailored feedback

You will then have a follow up appointment:

  • This will be with the same doctor as your first assessment appointment, to discuss all results and what they mean, and the different options moving forward. You will receive a full report on all findings and recommendations to take away with you

The price for the complete assessment package is £2,550

(Note: during your initial medical assessment your Doctor may recommend additional tests specific to your health concerns, e.g. cancer risk, cardiovascular risk, lungs – dependent on your medical history and family background – please discuss these at the time of booking or with your Doctor at your first appointment)

The assessment is undertaken over 2 days with the initial assessment, blood tests and MRI being undertaken at the initial appointment; and the memory assessment at a subsequent appointment once the initial results of the MRI and bloods have been received.