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Investing in proactive measures to keep your team healthy will always pay dividends for your business. A planned programme of corporate wellbeing has many benefits, from the financial benefits of a healthy workforce with low levels of sickness absence, to the productivity benefits that come when your team feels cared for and in control of their physical and mental health.

A complete corporate wellbeing solution

The economy has rarely been more challenging than it is today and in tough times, you need every possible advantage to give your company the edge. Our aim is to work with you to maintain and improve the health of your workforce and gain the highest levels of productivity, energy and drive from your staff.

A complete corporate wellbeing solution

The London General Practice individually tailors your care package to meet the health challenges of both your industry and your workforce profile. From musculoskeletal advice to protect the backs of shop floor workers, to stress management strategies that protect the mental health of your head office team, we can deliver precisely the services you need to maintain optimum employee health.

“The London General Practice can create a bespoke corporate wellbeing programme that delivers real benefits to your company and its employees.”

On-site expertise in health and wellbeing

As well as giving you access to our suite of treatment rooms in London’s Harley Street, The London General Practice can also arrange a comprehensive package of wellbeing services on-site at your own company premises. This reduces downtime, widening access to proactive health advice, making wellbeing more convenient for all your staff. With drop in clinics and lunchtime talks, it becomes easy for everyone to get involved.

Working with your HR team

We can work in partnership with your Human Resources department to develop effective corporate health policies that meet all current employment legislation and health and safety regulations. We have extensive experience in devising health strategies for large companies across the UK and across the world, and so we understand both your legal obligations and your responsibility to your workers.


Bespoke corporate packages can include comprehensive health screening programmes that meet the health requirements of both your industry and your workforce. For more information on the health screens available please view our private patient health screening options here.

If required, we can supply the services of a full-time GP to work as Wellness Manager for your company, to coordinate your bespoke ongoing healthcare plan.

Corporate wellbeing services

The London General Practice offers a wide range of flexible and effective corporate wellbeing services, designed to fit easily into working life without disruption. These not only help you to meet your legal obligations to create a safe and healthy work environment, but also promote a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing amongst your workforce. Our services include:

  • 15 minute ‘know your numbers’ (e.g. blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol) health checks
  • 30 minute ‘learn at lunch’ health seminars
  • 60 minute diet and lifestyle consultations
  • 90 minute comprehensive health assessments
  • On site nurse-led clinics

Education and advice

Learning how to stay health and look after your wellbeing is essential education for all your staff. It provides the means and the motivation to get started on a healthier lifestyle, as well as the support to keep going. The London General Practice offers a range of positive, proactive health education and advice sessions, covering a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Energy optimisation
  • Weight management
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise and movement
  • Back pain avoidance and elimination
  • Sleep optimisation
  • Immune support
  • Stress management

Why choose the
London General

  • Extensive corporate healthcare experience
  • Positive, proactive philosophy
  • On site services for your convenience
  • Comprehensive screening programmes
  • Expert health education, advice and support

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