Corporate Covid-19 Services

Is your workplace Covid Safe?

The London General Practice works with Corporations and Organisations to enable their workforce to work in a safe environment.

  • Infrastructure & Capacity for large and small scale businesses
  • Corporate Covid-19  Travel Services
  • Lateral Flow Test Co-ordination & Administration
  • Regular Workplace Covid Testing
  • Ongoing Support

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The Practice is able to offer a wide range of Occupational Health Services including

Support with Initial Return to Work Policies
COVID-19 Symptom Screening Services
Regular Corporate Covid-19 Testing – PCR Swab Tests and Antibody Tests
Advice on Social Distancing in the Workplace
Stress and Anxiety Support
Advice with Stay in Work Policies
Latest information on Medical Updates
Remote Video and In House face-to-face Consultations

Clients Include:

Have you Considered:

  • How will you decide which employees to bring back into work?
  • How will you determine if someone has contracted COVID-19?
  • What kind of Office Covid-19 testing measures you will have in place?
  • What adjustments are needed in the workplace?
  • How to tell If an employee needs to be sent home and when they can return?

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How COVID-19 Testing Can Help You

One of the main decisions being faced by employers is how to determine if a member of staff has Coronavirus or not.

The relaxation of social distancing is likely not to imply that Coronavirus has passed, but that the ‘curve’ is being adequately flattened and so it is critical to be able to identify and reduce any potential infection risk in the workplace.

To enable decision-making, the London General Practice is offering a Covid-19 testing service using highly accurate and validated test for both the Virus and for Antibodies.

This is a fully supported medically led advisory service, with follow up by one of our Doctors to evaluate each test performed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PCR swab test checking?
This tests for the presence of the virus on swabs taken from the back of the throat and nose. It shows whether a person has virus particles in those areas.

When is it best done?
It is best done when you have symptoms and at the end of the first week after infection. This is the time when respiratory shedding of the virus peaks.

How is it done?
It is done at home or in the workplace with full instructions of how to take a swab from the back of the throat and the back of the nose.

What is the methodology?
This is detection of the viral RNA by molecular methods typically known as the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR or PCR for short.

How accurate is it?
It is very accurate and the test that our laboratory is using has compared it with the tests used at Kings College Hospital and in that situation the results were the same for both laboratories.

The Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry, the Bioindustry Association and The British In-Vitro Diagnostic Association have confirmed that the test is highly sensitive and specific and that the technology is reliant on the quality of the sample.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Antibody test checking?
This tests for the presence of Coronavirus Antibodies. It shows whether a person has the Antibodies or not, and also by implication whether they have previously had Coronavirus.

When is it best done?
It is best done after your symptoms have finished, we suggest two weeks afterwards. This is to make sure that Antibodies have had time to develop as testing too early can miss the development of Antibodies.

How is it done?
The test can be done in the Practice or in the Workplace. It is a blood test so requires a small amount of blood to be taken by one of our Clinical Team.

What is the methodology?
The test is a blood test with analysis carried out in the Laboratory.

How accurate is it?
The test is very accurate in determining if an individual has Antibodies to COVID-19.

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