Treating patients as individuals

  • We recognise that medical consultation and health checks can be stressful for some people. That’s why we treat all patients as individuals and respect them accordingly.
  • Getting to know patients is key to this so that a trusting open rapport can be built, ensuring any worries or concerns are expressed at the earliest opportunity and dealt with accordingly.

Round the clock care

  • The London General Practice provides care that is available 365 days a year, including weekends and outside office hours.

Complete private healthcare

  • We can provide treatments and services not currently available on the NHS.

The latest technology and first class facilities

  • Procedures such as scans, cardiac tests, x-rays, audiograms, mammograms and others, can be taken at the time of appointment within the Practice’s own consulting rooms or within the same building.

LGP, Worldclass Medical Facilities, Private x-rays, audiograms, mammograms and others

Direct access to secondary and tertiary care

  • Where additional expertise is required, our relationship with many of the leading medical specialists is instantly accessible to all of our patients, as is admission to the best private hospitals.

A positive, proactive approach to wellbeing

  • From GP appointments to nutrition and lifestyle advice, we have a range of appointments and services available that support you all the way along the health spectrum to advise you how to stay in the best possible shape for work and family life.

A strong and robust approach to Clinical Governance

  • The London General Practice delivers excellence in patient care through it’s formal Clinical Governance Process.  Led by our Governance Lead the Practice formally reviews all aspects of patient care, health and safety, complaints, compliments and incidents every month.  These regular sessions are attended by all medical personal employed at the Practice to create an open learning environment for continuous improvement.