The London General Practice provides a global healthcare concierge service to Clients.  Based on the prestigious Harley Street of London, and with a network covering Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Dubai, the Practice provides a Doctor led health concierge service to high net-worth individuals and corporate organisations.

From our premises in London we are able to provide immediate access to healthcare services, tests and diagnostics.  Our team of Doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss any medical issues and we are able to recommend and facilitate consultant referrals through our network of distinguished consultants in London.

Consolidated Care

If you and your family spend several months overseas due to business commitments and/or have a second home abroad, The London General Practice can assist in connecting you with the very best physician’s in key cities across the globe.

With particularly strong links in the US (e.g. New York, Boston, LA, Miami), Hong Kong and several key European cities; the practice is in the process of growing this network to include other Asian territories and Australasia.

To find out more about our service or to book a consultation with of our GP’s call 0207 935 1000