At The London General Practice we place Clinical Governance at the heart of our Services.

We hold monthly, multidisciplinary, Clinical Governance meetings attended by Doctors, Nurses and Management staff, where we review all aspects of our Service.  These regular sessions are attended by all medical personal employed at the Practice to create an open learning environment for continuous improvement.

hospital team meeting

Key to these reviews is the desire to continually learn and improve on what we do.  To understand the true root cause of any issues and deal with those, as opposed to ‘cosmetic’ fixes.

We look at our audits, complaints and incidents. We look at our waiting times and patient feedback and we look at how we are going to implement and monitor new services.

Each of our Doctors is an appointed lead for an area with specific responsibilities including governance, medicines management, safeguarding and information governance.

We’re actively avoiding adopting a tic box approach to compliance and have embedded governance into our overall philosophy of care so that good governance is something we do automatically through our day to day processes and not a set of policies remaining on the shelf.

Clinical Governance fits into our overall governance framework; aligning alongside our Practice Meetings, Business Development forum and Strategic meeting.

Our focus is to deliver excellence in healthcare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As a leader of excellence in Medical Healthcare we are committed to sharing our goals and outcomes as part of our Governance Framework.