Should I have a regular health screen?  

Digital Life January 2024  

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Dr Paul Ettlinger, private Harley Street GP, features in Life Magazine answering some common questions on the importance of health screening. Health screening uses tests and physical examinations in order to detect conditions early and is an important step to safeguarding your health.

Q. What is Health Screening?
Health Screening is the first step to safeguarding your health. Health screening involves the use of tests, physical examinations and advanced investigations to help detect conditions early in people who look or feel well. Health Screening can detect disease early in people who do not show any signs and/or symptoms of illness or disease.

Q. Why is health screening important?
Healtj scvreening is vital for early detection and timely intervention for earlier intervention of:

  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular complications
  • Lung disease and renal failure
  • Cancers

Do I need a health screen if I feel well?
Regular Health screening, even if you are feeling healthy, will help to discover if you have particular diseases or conditions, which you may be unaware of. Early detection followed by appropriate treatment and control of the condition will result in a better outcome and lower the risk of serious complications.

What kind of health screening options are available?
Here at The London General Practice, we tailor the screening package to the individual. All our recommendations are based on the current best practice and clinical guidelines available. Areas that can be covered with helatn screen in our central London Doctor;s clinic include:


If you would like more information on our health screening options available, or to make an appointment with a private London Doctors Clinic then please get in touch here.

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