What are the symptoms of meningitis, and is it contagious? 

Daily Telegraph, January 2024

Dr Stuart Sanders

Dr Stuart Sanders, a Private GP at the London General Practice, Harley Street, contributes to an article outlining some of the symptoms of meningitis.

Meningitis is an infection affecting your brain and spinal cord. Some of the symptoms of meningitis can include headaches, sensitivity to light, being sick, tiredness, and in some cases a rash. Meningitis can affect anyone, but babies and young people are at a greater risk of contracting the illness.

“Other heightened risk factors for young children include those who suffer frequently with sinus infections, have cochlear ear implants, or have recently sustained a head injury.”

To avoid complications, or if you are concerned that you may have meningitis, then treatment should start as soon as possible. Antibiotics and other medications are available, and vaccination can protect you against some types of meningitis.

Find out more by reading the full article below. If you are worried that you may have meningitis symptoms and would like an appointment with a Private Harley Street GP then please get in touch with us here.

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