The warning signs and treatment of Meningitis

Life Magazines March 2024 

Dr Stuart Sanders

Meningitis is a severe infection that impacts the brain, affecting individuals of all ages. The primary cause of meningitis is typically a bacterium, with the meningococcus bacterium being the most common and most serious. However, other bacteria such as pneumococcus, tuberculosis, or haemophilus can also lead to meningitis. In addition to bacterial infections, meningitis can also be triggered by various viruses, including enteric, mumps, or herpes viruses. Infections caused by these viruses tend to be less severe.

Meningitis can be a very serious illness and the patient must be taken to hospital for confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible. Upon admission, the medical team will perform blood tests, throat swabs, and a lumbar puncture to examine the spinal fluid. These tests help determine the underlying cause of the patient’s condition and guide the treatment plan.

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