The Importance of Vitamin D  

Health & Fitness 2023

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Dr. Angela Rai, Private GP at The London General Practice, discusses the importance of Vitamin D in maintaining healthy teeth and bones as well as to keep calcium levels in the body regulated. Vitamin D deficiency can cause Cardiomyopathy and Osteomalacia in adults. There is also evidence to suggest that Vitamin D can help against heart disease, diabetes and cancer – but research is currently inconclusive.

“In the UK winter months, sunlight doesn’t contain enough UVB to make adequate Vitamin D”

In addition to sunshine, and especially in the UK winter months, we depend on food sources such as oily fish, eggs, fortified yoghurts and cereals for out vitamin D intake. Vitamin D supplements are also an option with a daily dose of 400 international units a day considered safe for most age groups.

If you are worried that you may suffering from Vitamin D deficiency and would like to know more about our health screening options available then please get in touch here.

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