Stress Incontinence

Wuka – June 2023 

Dr Stuart Sanders

Dr Stuart Sanders, Private Harley Street GP at The London General Practice, discusses stress incontinence, some of the causes and how to treat a urinary problem of this kind.

The involuntary loss of control of urine is often caused by a weakening of pelvic and bladder muscles. This can be a result of muscle weakness due to either stretching during childbirth, or age-related muscle weakness. Urinary incontinence can occur when sneezing, coughing or running among other activities.

To treat stress incontinence Dr Stuart Sanders advises that there are some non-surgical options that your GP may advise. Lifestyle changes and pelvic exercises, along with incontinence pants and bladder training are all options. For more severe cases, or where necessary, there are also a number of surgical treatments for urinary problems

For more information read the full article below. If you are worried that you may suffer from stress incontinence, would like more information or to book a private and confidential appointment with a Harley Street GP then please get in touch with us here.

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