Recurring Ear Infections

The Times – June 2023 

Dr Sanjay Mehta
Dr Sanjay Mehta, Private London GP, features in an article discussing recurring ear infections. While 80% of ear infections will not require antibiotics there are cases where medication and surgical intervention may be needed. Being young, a premature birth or male are all risks factors with this type of recurring infection, while other health problems, such as immune deficiencies, can also play a part. Smoking and/or passive smoking can also lead to repeat infections of the ear and respiratory tract. In cases where symptoms persist or other symptoms, such as nose bleeds and swollen glands, arise then a consultation with a GP is advised to rule out a more serious cause. If you or a family member suffer from recurring ear infections and would like to make a private GP appointment then get in touch with us here or explore some of our health screening options below.
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