Random Nipple Erections 

Cosmopolitan, September 2023

women's GP Harley street

Dr Elise Dallas, a Private Harley Street GP specialising in women’s health, offers some insight into the cause of nipple erections. Known as nipple hardening, nipple erections can occur for various reasons from a change in temperature to elevated levels of oestrogen and progesterone when pregnant or breastfeeding. Other causes of nipple hardening include arousal, a result of your menstrual cycle or sensitivity caused by piercings.

“When the body is exposed to cold, the autonomic nervous system initiates a response to conserve heat. This includes the contraction of smooth muscles in the nipple, causing it to harden. This is the body’s way of reducing heat loss through the skin.”

With so many causes nipple erections are a normal occurrence and not generally a cause for concern. If however you are experiencing other symptoms such as a change in nipple appearance or sensation then it might be beneficial to have a consultation with a GP to rule out any other causes.

To find out more read the full article in the link below. For information and advice from a private GP, to book a full health screening or other options available then please get in touch here.


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