Patient testmonials

We receive many letters and comments from patients thanking us for the treatment and care they have received at the London General Practice.

Private Appointment Feedback, Private GP and Private Doctor Reviews

Here are just a few of those comments.

“Always a great service, highly recommend.”

“I have only just begun coming to The London General Practice and the service has been excellent.”

“Always helpful and extremely thorough. The best medical advice I have experienced.”

“Excellent. Dr Ettlinger’s commitment to patients resonates across the whole medical and admin team.”

“I have spent many years trying to get to the bottom of a health problem and The London General Practice have been superb at listening, understanding and enabling me to finally receive a formal diagnosis. Thank you!”

Our patient survey

We pride ourselves on being able to listen to and respond to the comments our patients share with us. In November 2013, we conducted a patient survey and we are proud to share the results:

London General Practice Patient Survey Results: November 2013.

Sample size: 134


  • Maximum points: 510
  • Score: 504


  • Maximum points: 1,020
  • Score: 993


  • Maximum points: 340
  • Score: 325


  • Yes: 134
  • No: 0

We appreciate your feedback

If you would like to provide your feedback to us, please email us with your comments.

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