Mindful travel in the post-pandemic world is the order of the day. Never have we focused so much on our health and well-being whilst away from home. Apart from its infamous shopping, nightlife and culture, London offers unparalleled access to robust private healthcare services should you face a health challenge whilst visiting.

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This not to say that London has any more COVID than other places, but there’s no escaping the infection that has dominated the past 2 years of our lives. Our cumulative years of experience and the change in consultation models mean that doctors can consult in person or remotely at short notice. With novel treatments, or our 7 day ‘COVID safety-net’ service, you can feel assured that your needs are met safely and comfortably as a visitor.


Sick kids

A child falling sick whilst abroad is every parent’s nightmare. Our experienced GP’s provide 24/7 home and hotel visits to ensure your child’s well-being at your residence without you having to make an overnight trip to the emergency room.

Diarrhoea and vomiting

Whilst London can offer the best of nightlife and restaurants, we do occasionally see travellers who through a combination of exhaustion, over-indulgence and possibly a ‘suspect’ meal have developed a gastrointestinal infection. This not-so-infrequent presentation is often managed most comfortably in your hotel room as our doctors are able to visit, administer the medications needed to keep you out of hospital.


Missing Medications

Lost your luggage or just forgot your pills? Our doctors can consult remotely and organise for your medication to be delivered to your residence.

Whilst it’s not always necessary to register prior to travel, at the London General Practice we welcome enquires about our premium healthcare from those planning their personal or corporate travel to London. We are able to provide excellent healthcare to ensure your safety during your stay. Our 24/7 service is one of a kind in the capital, and we have a network of the best specialists in London should we need to refer you on.

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