Neurological and Mental Health Screening

There are currently no validated screening pathways to assess brain and mental health.

The increasing stress of modern day living compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more patients presenting with neurological concerns and issues with memory.

Although there are no trials, here at The London General Practice we undertake brain and mental health screening.

This includes a full history, particularly family history, taking into account any history of dementia, aneurysm, Huntington’s disease or polycystic kidneys.

We also look at medication history, alcohol, smoking and recreational drug use. 

Full clinical examination takes place with particular attention to the cranial nerves and peripheral nerve examination.

Full laboratory tests including thyroid function, vitamin B12 and folic acid profile, infectious diseases such as syphilis and HIV are performed.

Mental health status is assessed using:

  • GAD-7 anxiety score
  • PHQ-9 depression score
  • Montreal Cognitive Assessment test (MoCA)

Imaging can be arranged with a brain MRI, counselling the patient about incidental findings. 

Following this, if there is any abnormality, our close contacts with consultants allow rapid referral to either a neurologist, psychiatrist or neuropsychiatrist.

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