The London General Practice is pleased to announce the launch of it’s COVID-19 Antibody Test which sits alongside it’s existing PCR Swab test for the virus itself.

The Practice has chosen the Abbott Antibody test, a blood test undertaken in the Laboratory, based on its high Sensitivity and Specificity.

Dr Paul Ettlinger Medical Director for the Practice said “I am pleased that we have been able to identify through our Governance Process a validated COVID-19 Antibody test which we believe provides the accuracy and reassurance required.”

The test checks for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies and whether an individual has already had the virus.

To ensure accuracy the test is undertaken in the Clinic by staff fully compliant with infection control standards and wearing Protective Equipment.

In order to protect both Patients and Staff the Practice does not see patients who are suspected of having COVID-19 at the time but is able to offer video consultation appointments for those with symptoms.

For more about Abbott COVID-19 testing services please click here

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