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外国人在英国逗留期间如果患病,通常都会通过其大使馆获得帮助。事实上,伦敦很多主要大使馆在收到这样的求助时,都会联系 London General Practice 向海外患者提供支持服务。

向到访英国或在英国工作的外国人提供全方位医疗服务,全天 24 小时随时接诊。


London General Practice 提供一流的初级医疗服务,全年全天无休,让患者可以随时获得高品质医疗服务。我们拥有一个优秀医生组成的团队,无论白天或黑夜,可随时与您进行交流咨询。

我们在 Harley Street 大街的会诊和治疗诊所拥有便捷的预约过程,我们还可以在接到大使馆的求助电话后,到您的家中、酒店或任何需要我们服务的地点,提供医疗服务。





身在异乡又身患疾病,这会给人带来巨大的压力。London General Practice 可以为伦敦的外国人提供及时的医疗支持。


London General Practice 可以接受来由使馆资助的患者和自付费患者。诊所还能接受购买了国际医疗保险的患者(BUPA,Cigna,AXA)



如需预约请联系我们,或现在致电 +44 (0)207 935 1000

我们提供全天 24 小时家访服务,欢迎致电 +44 (0)207 935 1000

Book your Covid-19 Test

Medically led Coronavirus Testing for the Virus and Antibodies.

PCR Covid Test

General Testing and Peace of Mind

Or phone to book on 0207 935 1000

* Same day if completed and submitted to the laboratory before midday. Results from tests completed before 6pm will be available before midday on the following day.

PCR Fit to Fly Test

For Travel & Immigration

Or phone to book on 0207 935 1000

* Same day if completed and submitted to the laboratory before midday. Results from tests completed before 6pm will be available before midday on the following day.

Rapid / Fast Track PCR Test

Results within 3-4 hours

Fast track PCR Test results for Fit to Fly and General PCR Swab Testing

  • Results in 3 - 4 Hours*
  • PCR Swab Test
  • Government approved programme
  • Outcome certificate included

Or phone to book on 0207 935 1000

* From the time of your appointment in our clinic or when the test is delivered to our lab partner in central London if you are home testing. You now need to quarantine until you receive a negative result for your day 2 test.

Please check the guidelines for the country you are travelling from.

Lateral Flow Test Immediate Results

Rapid Antigen test that tells you if you currently have COVID-19

  • 15min turnaround Covid-19 Virus test
  • Administered by a Clinician
  • Government Approved
  • Suitable for Fit to Fly in some countries
    Please check your destinations entry requirements

Or phone to book on 0207 935 1000

Antibody Test

Tells you if you currently have Antibodies to COVID-19

  • Upto 48-hour turnaround
  • See if you have had the virus and if you have developed Antibodies
  • Check IgG and IgM Antibodies
  • Can be used as part of Fit to Fly requirements in some countries
  • Highly Accurate test using a blood sample taken by a Clinician

For a home visiting service contact the Practice on 0207 935 1000 or email us here.

The London General Practice offers same day access to testing for both the Virus and for Antibodies.  Tests are undertaken in UKAS accredited laboratories and are CE marked.

Tests are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We are only offering validated and accurate tests with a  Medical Service to ensure that testing is undertaken at the optimum time to deliver the best results.

Same Day Coronavirus PCR Test

Fit to Fly
Day 2 Covid Testing
General Covid-19 Testing
Lateral Flow Testing

The Practice offers a COVID19 PCR Swab test used to determine whether you may or may not currently have Coronavirus.

The test is either undertaken in the Practice or is easy to use from the comfort of your own home, with a same day courier dispatch.

Covid Tests are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will have a short consultation prior to the test to discuss its suitability.  If you are self-administering this will be by video consultation and will include how to undertake the test.

You will either then have the test in Clinic or we will  can then do the test at home, using a kit we will send you via courier.

Once ready one of our Doctors will be in touch to discuss the results with you.

The Price for the Swab Test is £195.00 (£165.00 for Self Administered), which includes the test itself plus the pre and post test advice and interpretation service with one of our Doctors.  (Corporate Rates are available)

We offer a same day dispatch service (courier fees apply).

OUR Covid-19 TEST Selection Process

The Practice has a Clinical Governance Committe which selects and approves all tests used including the COVID-19 Tests.  Both the Virus and Antibody test meet stringent Sensitivity and Specifity guidelines and only trusted laboratories are used.

The Practice is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Governance arrangements
"There were clear responsibilities, roles and systems of accountability to support good governance and management. The structures, policies, processes and systems were clearly set out, accessible and the senior managers had systems in place to assure these were operating as intended." - CQC

Book now

Call now to book your COVID 19 Coronavirus PCR or AntibodyTest.  Doctors available 24 hours a day.

please call us on

0207 935 1000

This service is available 24hrs a day,
7 days a week.


For updates and the latest information on Coronavirus testing, Antibody tests and more...

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