International patient services at the London General Practice

Visitors to the UK from abroad who become ill during their time here often turn to their embassy for help and support. When this happens, many of London’s major foreign embassies turn to The London General Practice to support them.

The London General Practice offers a comprehensive range of medical services, 24 hours per day, to support foreign nationals visiting or working in London.

Leading London Medical Treatment Facilities for International Patients with The London General Practice

[blockquote]The London General Practice provides the highest level of individual support for embassies and consulates from across the world.[/blockquote]

Essential healthcare support for embassies

We work closely with embassies and consulates to ensure that they have all the support they need whenever one of their citizens requires medical help. We can offer convenient appointments at our suite of consultation and treatment rooms in Harley Street, or we can attend house calls at the embassy buildings, leading hotels or wherever else our services are required.

Our highly regarded status within the medical establishment means that we can also provide prompt referrals to some of London’s leading consultants and private hospitals if secondary or tertiary care is required.

Our healthcare services are discreet and confidential

At The London General Practice, we appreciate that seeking medical treatment in another country is often a sensitive issue for foreign nationals. All of our patients are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality but we are particularly diligent regarding privacy, dignity and discretion.

For visitors from parts of the world where transmissible diseases such as TB and hepatitis B are more common than in the UK, we offer infection screening and the most effective care available.

Health services for embassy staff

As well as providing healthcare services for visiting nationals who have contacted your embassy, The London General Practice is also able to offer a complete programme of private health for your embassy staff.

The London General Practice has vast experience in corporate health and wellbeing, and can not only assist you when your staff are ill, but also in keeping them well and healthy through screening, health promotion and education.

Full international liaison

Where appropriate, and with the permission of our patients, The London General Practice will arrange full liaison with the medical services in the home country of our international patients, ensuring that their medical records are updated and that the care we begin in London can be continued successfully on their return home.

To assist with diagnosis and suitable treatment, our doctors and support staff have (with the patients consent), the ability to request information such as previous medical history, recent scans or other images and we have a secure medical notes system that electronically stores this confidential information without risk.

“The London General Practice works together with overseas health services to ensure seamless continuity of care.”

Why choose The London General Practice?

  • Modern treatment rooms in Harley Street
  • High-standard medical care available 24 hours a day
  • Direct access to London’s leading private medical facilities
  • Discreet, confidential consultations and treatment
  • Convenient appointments including evenings and weekends
  • House calls and embassy visits
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