Health Issues that women are embarrassed to discuss

Yahoo – June 2023

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Dr Elise Dallas, Private Harley Street GP at The London General Practice, contributes to an article discussing health conditions that women often find embarrassing to talk about. Female health concerns such as vaginal discharge, lumps or sores on the vulva or a low libido are all issues that many women find hard to discuss.

Lumps/sores in the vulva
The discovery of sores or  lumps in the vulva can cause concern, but women are often too embarrassed to discuss the issue. If you notice any unusual lumps or sores in the vulva area, Dr Dallas suggests you consult a GP.

“Early detection is key when it comes to vulvar health,” Dr Dallas says. “Don’t let embarrassment hold you back from seeking medical advice.”

Vaginal discharge and odour
A natural occurrence that helps to maintain vaginal health vaginal discharge is not uncommon. Changes in colour, odour or consistency can however be a sign of imbalance or infection. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and thrush are infections that often present with a change in colour or odour. Often the cause can be easily treatable and if you are worried about vaginal discharge and associated symptoms then Dr Dallas advises a consultation with your GP to discuss the issue.

Low libido
A decrease in sexual desire can have many causes, including stress, hormonal changes or relationship issues. With 56% of women finding it hard or embarrassing to talk about their sex drive it is important to remember that sexual wellbeing is an important part of your overall health and happiness. Dr Dallas advises talking about these issues with your partner and/or to seek guidance for a sex therapist.

For more advice and tips read the full article below. If you are interested in a private health screen and would like to make an appointment with a Private London GP then please get in touch with us here.


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