Could the way you drive and park be a sign of dementia?  

Express October 2023

women's GP Harley street

Dr Angela Rai, private Harley Street GP, discusses dementia, some of the symptoms to look out for and whether the way you drive and park your car could be one of them.

The cognitive decline associated with dementia (symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, impaired judgement and reduced reaction time) can have an impact on the way we drive.

“Although driving can feel automatic, it is a complex task that requires memory, concentration, good reaction times and spatial skills”

Changes in driving behaviour and difficulty parking especially if it involves memory loss, issues with spacial awareness or any of the dementia symptoms mentioned above may be a cause for concern and you should book in a consultation with you GP. Some of the other dementia symptoms can include confusion of time and place, difficulty or confusion carrying out familiar daily tasks and mood changes.

For more information on driving and the signs of dementia read the article in the link below. If you, or a loved, are concerned that you may be showing signs of dementia and would like an appointment with a private Harley Street GP then please get in touch here.

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