COVID-19 and Anti-inflammatories

Initially, due to a French diplomat, it was suggested that anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen or Voltarol should not be taken by those patients who might be at risk of developing COVID-19 or being subject to coronavirus infection. 

There was, however, no evidence to document this. 

A trial of Ibuprofen has now been launched in a collaboration between Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital with King’s College London and a pharmaceutical organisation.

It will help to refine treatment for COVID-19 with an approach that is distinct from vaccines and antiviral drugs being researched by other groups.  The trial is including patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection who are older than 18 and hospitalised. 

Primary outcome measures are used including worsening respiratory failure defined as severity of hypoxaemia and time or need for mechanical ventilation.

Secondary outcome measures are:

  • overall survival
  • reduction in proportion of patients who require ventilation

 –   reduction in length of critical stay

 –   reduction in length of hospital stay

 –   modulation of serum pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines

 –   reduction in duration of ventilation

 –   increase in ventilator free days

The London General Practice looks with interest at the results of this trial and waits in anticipation. 

The London General Practice

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