Becoming unwell does not follow a standard 9-5 routine and can happen at any time, on any day. Being unwell is frustrating at the best of times but when illness strikes ‘out of hours’, this can cause increased levels of stress and anxiety. 

Questions like ‘who to call?’, ‘where to go?’, ‘should I go to accident and emergency or the urgent care centre or can I be treated at home’?  All these start to arise, and making these decisions and choices whilst unwell can be daunting. If this resonates with you calling a doctor to your home to assess your situation, see if you can be treated there and then, or to help you decide on your next steps is a potential option. 

Benefits of home visiting services include:

  1. Convenience and Comfort
    The doctor comes to you and sees you in the comfort of your home at any time of the day, 365 days a year.  This can be 2am in the morning, on the bank holiday or a Wednesday afternoon, whichever suits your needs and preference.

  2. Assessment and Investigations
    The doctor is able to carry out a full examination relevant to your symptoms and if need be can perform certain investigations including blood tests. These are then sent to the 2 hour laboratory and the doctor will call you back with your results as soon as they become available.

  3. Treatment
    Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor will bring with them oral medications which they can provide, or injections they can administer, to help with your symptoms.

    In the event that you need to be admitted to a hospital the doctor is also able to arrange and co-ordinate the transfer, admission and onward care under a consultant at a private hospital. 

  4. Aftercare
    After reviewing you in your home, the doctor will contact you the next day to see how you are doing and if necessary arrange any further consultations or onward referrals as needed. 

When you are ill rapid answers and peace of mind are important and using a 24 hour home visiting service is one solution available.

The London General Practice provides 24hr healthcare 7 days a week.  Call outs are available to residences and hotels in London.  For more information contact the Practice on …etc

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