An interesting report published by Sima in the Scientific American showed that a cheap, widely available drug use to treat mental illness cut both the risk of death from COVID-19 and the need for people with the disease to receive intensive medical care. 

The drug, fluvoxamine is an SSRI and taken for depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.  

It is known to dampen immune responses and temper tissue damage and researchers believe that these properties are the reason for its success in a recent trial.  

Amongst study participants who took the drug as directed, and this occurred in the early stages of the disease, COVID-19 related deaths fell by roughly 90% and the need for intensive COVID-19 related medical care fell by 65%.  

The TOGETHER study showed that 1497 people in Brazil who had COVID-19 and were at high risk of severe disease, roughly half received fluvoxamine and the rest received a placebo.  

The trial results showed that fluvoxamine prevented progression from mild to severe COVID-19.  

It is suggested that pairing fluvoxamine with the anti-viral molnupiravir could be even more effective in helping those with COVID-19 disease.

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Dr Paul Ettlinger

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