A study published as a preprint in bioRxiv by Zou and others posted 22nd January 2022 showed that antibodies which work against the Omicron variant are still present four months after receiving a third shot of the Pfizer vaccine.  

This study is the first clue about the durability of the vaccine and suggests that a fourth booster shot may not be needed straightaway.  

Whilst the antibodies against the Omicron variant did drop during the four months of the study, they remained high enough that they should still offer protection.  

Pfizer issued a statement on Monday last week that they will begin testing both the fourth dose of the original vaccine and an Omicron specific booster shot in human trials.  

The London General Practice, the leading Doctors’ Clinic in Harley Street, commends the National Health Service on its vaccination programme and reinforces that all those eligible for vaccination should undertake it.

Dr Paul Ettlinger

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