A Doctor’s Core Fitness and Nutrition Principles For Women

Sheerluxe – June 2023

women's GP Harley street

Dr Elise Dallas, GP at The London General Practice, provides some fitness and dietary tips that can help to improve your health and well being. Just some of the advice offered looks at:

Eating more fermented foods and taking care of our gut health
Many fermented foods such as Kefir and kombucha are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Cutting back on alcohol
Reducing alcohol intake will improve your health.”Social drinking”, especially in women, is considered to be a growing cause of Liver disease, breast cancer and other conditions.

The benefits of weight training
Lifting weights benefits every part of your body improving circulation, bone health and more.

Get checked out if something doesn’t feel right
Early detection is vital and if you have concerns or something doesn’t feel right then a health screen, or check in with your GP is always important. Annual health screening can help not only detect early signs of disease but also offer insight into lifestyle changes that will help you maintain your health.

For more advice and tips read the full article below. If you are interested in a private health screen and would like to make an appointment with a Private London GP then please get in touch with us here.


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