We have moved

We are delighted to announce that the London General Practice has relocated to 16 Devonshire Street, W1G 7AF (2 minutes’ walk from our old address). After several very successful and enjoyable years at The London Clinic, The London General Practice

Do men need HRT injections?

The whole area of hormone replacement therapy is often debated, but usually in the context of female HRT. More reports are now emerging that are opening up the discussion on male HRT. Men do not undergo the same dramatic menopause

Prostate cancer screening controversy: MRI vs biopsy

Men who have a blood test that shows an abnormally high level of prostate specific antigen require investigations to find out if they have prostate cancer. In the UK NHS, this usually involves a rectal examination and biopsy, in which

Cervical cancer screening – the future may lie in heat maps

Research from the US has been exploring a new method of detecting cervical cancer. Current screening methods are based around the cervical smear test and a test for the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus. These tests save many lives

Private liver screening could fill an important gap

In 2013, the British Liver Trust came out in favour of investment to provide early liver disease testing in the UK but a consistent approach by NHS GPs has yet to be put in place. Around 15,000 people with advanced