Advanced Cancer Screening

The London General Practice is delighted to have partnered with Advanced Cancer Diagnostics and Chronix Biomedical to provide a revolutionary cancer screening programme.

Through the simple process of drawing blood, we can now offer a test that can, with a high degree of accuracy, detect mutations of DNA closely associated with cancer.

For the first time, we can now look for cancer in the entire body rather than only employing the traditional, but still relevant and highly valuable, scanning and biopsy methods carried out on presentation of symptoms.


Peace of mind or early detection

With the Chronix blood test we can now screen those with risk factors associated with developing cancer. This is specifically relevant to those with concerns about breast, prostate or colorectal cancers, or those that are seeking clarity of their cancer risk.

Although in most cases this provides reassurance that all is well; in the event of a positive result, action can be taken .Early detection of any cancer is vital to increasing the chance of a positive outcome.

In addition to the Chronix evaluation tests, The London General Practice provides a full cancer diagnostic service plus referral pathways to the very best specialists and cancer centres within London and internationally.

To find out more about our cancer screening service or to book a consultation with of our GP’s
call 0207 935 1000


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