Clinical Governance Lead

Dr. Vaibhav Sharma graduated from Medicine at Imperial College London, after completing a BSc in Physiology. He trained initially as a surgeon and then as a GP in London’s most prestigious teaching hospitals, before completing his GP training in Dorset (which has the highest life expectancy in the UK). His training has prepared him well in both his understanding of the central London hospital world important in private practice but also the long-term care of the ageing population.

He has the coveted Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons and was awarded the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship for a year of research in stem cell technologies at University College London which allows for a greater understanding of the process of developing cutting edge medical technologies and making them accessible to patient care. Most recently, he was granted Fellowship at The Royal Society of Public Health after studying health screening and Occupational Medicine more detail.

Dr. Sharma enjoys all aspects of General Practice but particularly health screening, family medicine and ENT in which he has specialist qualification.